Aligned with our stakeholders’ interests, Agribrasil is a public limited company that values corporate governance, investing in the incorporation of the best market practices in all processes, bringing utmost transparency to the business. The company is responsible also for the risk management and logistics chain, having a highly specialized team with extensive experience in Brazilian agribusiness and the international grains trade.

All operations and transactions are submitted, recorded, controlled, and tracked through an ERP system. They are subject to risk and V@R (value-at-risk) management and daily monitoring.

Financial statements are audited by EY (Ernst & Young) since the first year, and the company is associated with ANEC (Associação Nacional dos Exportadores de Cereais), a local entity of cereal exporters, acting under the Soy Moratorium. In 2021, Agribrasil was registered as publicly held before CVM and listed on B3 in the Bovespa Mais segment.

(*) Statutory Officers


Fred Humberg Chairman

Mr. Humberg has a degree in Business Administration from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (São Paulo, SP) with emphasis on Foreign Trade and has a commodities specialization from Harvard University and IMD. He has hybrid experience as an executive and entrepreneur. As an executive, he has held C-Level positions in large multinational companies such as Gavilon, Bunge, and Glencore. As an entrepreneur, he has founded several companies: in agribusiness, he founded the company Agriservice LTDA in 2006, later acquired by Gavilon LLC in 2011, which recorded R$ 4 billion sales in 2016; in the logistics sector, he built partnerships at the TERLOGS port terminal in 2003, the TGSC terminal in 2009 and The Port of Ilhéus in 2011.

Christian Ramos Independent Member

Mr. Ramos holds a degree in Law from the University of São Paulo, a post-degree in International Transactions and Finance from New York University (USA), and a Master’s degree in International Law (LLM) from Georgetown University (USA). As an executive, he remained on the board of Agrex do Brasil for 8 years and is partner and co-founder at RZ Advogados, working in the structuring of financial, corporate, and capital market transactions, being cited as one of the individual leaders in the areas of Banking, Finance, and Agribusiness in Brazil by the main specialized publications.

Paulo Humberg Member

Mr. Humberg has a degree in Marketing from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing – SP. He has extensive experience on the internet and e-commerce segment. In 1995, he founded Shoptime, the first e-commerce in Brazil. Since then, he has undertaken several businesses, founding companies such as Lokau, iBest, and Brandsclub. In 2004, he founded a technology investment company which in 2019, after the merger with Inseed, became the KPTL Asset Manager. KPTL has 30 years of experience in technology, more than 55 active investments, and 12 exits with an average IRR of 25%. Currently, Mr. Humberg is the Board Chairman of the Asset Manager.

Stephane Frappat Independent Member

Mr. Frappat is a graduate of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Bordeaux (France). As an executive, Stephane led the transformation of Sodrugestvo from a Russian food importer and distributor to a US$ 3 billion company present on 5 continents, including oilseed factories in Russia, Brazil, and in the United States. He worked in the sale of minority interests in the Company to IFC and Mitsui and in the construction of an internationally recognized management team.